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Nov. 19th, 2010

01:42 am - Queen Of Hearts

Went downtown Sunday to watch light show and saw 3 girls all in vynal/leather outfits all the same with long black hair. Must be out of touch cause everyone was rushing up getting their pictures taken with them. That's OK the same night I was putting $5.00 down on an internet sportsbook at the Nugget and a 25ish fellow sat down, I was the only one at the table and yes I said $5 pitch, well he must of been someone too cause his BODYGUARD was keeping a close watch on everything and everyone!! Everyone that was around was watching like they were afraid to sit down??? Beats me he just played a few shuffles then they left. The dealer just kind of shrugged and I didn't feel so bad about not knowing who it was. Colored up and left up about $100. We went to the Ho to get strawberry shortcake and play a little. Kind of funny cause Florida Larry was talking about watching a guy play WOF at the Ho Sunday night and we think it was me. Sunday was our best day playing and that was just pretty much even. But 70-100 and Sunny and dry sure beats 40-65 and rain!! part 4 the return coming soon. online poker rooms

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